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Brother Glacius

V4 opinions in blog

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Thx 4 a fair perspective...

...that is also encouraging to new players.

I am half in the same camp and yet also different.

Never owned a N Africa force until now. But played v3 for last 3 years. Did some simple demos in v4.

I'm jazzed about the price point and starter box approaches in the early v4 releases.

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My Mid-War stuff has mostly been Americans, though I did build a simple Tiger company (3 tiger and 3 pzIII tanks) and I am slowly upgrading my EW Fallschirm with more MW stuff. So, at this stage I don't have anything for V4 midwar. I have thought about a DAK army in the past but I am still collecting stuff for Team Yankee.  Until a V4 MW American book comes out, I need to think about how to convert the little I have without having to incorporate a crap-ton more stuff I can't afford or don't want at this time.


In the interim,  I can look at how much stuff I can proxy without going too far out on the proxy limb, what I can borrow, and/or what I can trade for.

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If someone is waiting for Italians or Americans before jumping onto the v4 bandwagon, the RCDD (Rose City Dukes and Duchesses) plan on running a virtual Tunisia campaign after the American and Italian handbooks and kits come out. Don't know if we will do "Torch".


You panzer guys who want your Tigers in a historic scenario can legitimately field them in this campaign.


Representing a few of the many "underdog forces" (mostly British equipment and organization, but each has their own unique character):

- I will feature in my Leclerc Column of Free French "L" Force

- also the Greek Sacred Band

- 2nd NZ div




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