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11 hours ago, Zorcon said:

What rules set are you thinking of using?

Good question...I haven't played in ages, is there a LRB for BFG? Or what does the existing BFG community play rules wise?  Or do we just say "No Necrons" and play our ships :)

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When GW shut down the Specialist Games line, the official forums were handed over to the community. They currently reside at Specialist-ArmsThe FAQ and Compendium 2010 are their version of the LRB, but were never considered by GW as official like the BB LRBs. There is a repository of official and community rules available...

...and I just realized andozane's link is the same one I was about to share.

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On 4/7/2017 at 1:59 PM, andozane said:

I say we use the above, but still stick to keeping it simple? Chaos vs Imperial?  Or I'm open...but I say we use the above link's rules?  

By the way, my opinion is easily swayed if someone feels strongly one way or another...


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11 hours ago, generalripphook said:

Good to hear! If people wanna post up who they will play for/ what ships they will bring we can build some teams! 

Sounds like we are sticking to just IN vs Chaos? I can bring either, but my Khaos fleet has never left dry dock, so, I am partial to them. Should I list points or models?

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Lets list points or models if you don't know their point costs. 

Are people willing to let other people use some of their fleets? 

Are we gonna do 1500 per side or per person? Looks like we have 3 or 4 people, I wouldnt mind having a huge fleet engagement. I'll post up what all I have, but I know I only have Imperial. 

I think I have a small bag of escort tyranid ships, is anyone interested? 

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So I have a paper planet, a space station and some minor defence outposts but for ships I have. 

375                  Apocalypse Class Battleship 

-                           rogue traders x4

-                       transports  x3

240                  Firestorm x6

370- 430/ 380 Tyrant/dominator x2 

360 – 400        Lunar x2 

360                  Gothic x2 

120                  Cobra x4

440                  Dictator x2 

220                  Dauntless x2 

Space marines ships I think x3


Thats at least 2500 points with no admirals or any options taken. 


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I have a lot of ships--More than I realized before making this list. Some models are currently unassembled, and most are unpainted (but I will get any we want to use in ship-shape before the event). The Space Fleet ships were intended for using the rules in Warp Rift 31 & 32, but they could be proxied as something else. I am heavily weighted towards Imperial, but if the Space Marines, and Rogue Traders went traitor that would mostly balance out my forces.

3005    CHAOS
510    Stix (Mark of Khorne) x2
225    Acheron (Mark of Khorne)
250    Devastation (Mark of Khorne)
240    Carnage (Mark of Khorne)
215    Inferno (Mark of Khorne)
210    Murder (Mark of Khorne) x2
200    Slaughter (Mark of Khorne)
135    Idolater x3
120    Infadel x3
150    Iconoclast x6
750    Blackstone Fortress

440    Battlebarge
580    Strike Cruiser x4
160    Strike Cruiser Carrier
160    Hunter
135    Nova
120    Gladius
185    RT Cruiser
185    Iron Clad Cruiser (Space Fleet Vessel) x2
160    Castellan Shield Ship (Space Fleet Vessel)
135    Gothic Lt Cruiser (Space Fleet Vessel)
240    Cobra (Space Fleet Vessel) x8
65      Galaxy Troop Ship (Space Fleet Vessel)
150    Xenos Vessels x3
150    Space Station
240    Orbital Platform x8
120    Defense Monitor x2
160    System Ships x8
305    Orbital Mines & Mine Fields
90      Repair Tender
90      Super Heavy Transport
80      Heavy Transport x2
120    Transport x6
40      Fire Ship x4
180    Q-Ships x3
180    Escort Carriers x3
120    Recommissioned Escorts x3
60      RT Cargo Vessel x3
60      Armed Freighters x3
40      Galaxy Factory Ship (Space Fleet Vessel)
330    Strike Cruiser x2
120    Cobra x4
105    Sword x3
105    Firestorm x3
4905    IMPERIAL NAVY (Various Sectors)
365    Retribution Battleship
365    Emperor Battleship
260    Mars Battlecruiser
440    Dictator x2
185    Tyrant
360    Gothic x2
220    Dauntless x2
120    Cobra x4
210    Sword x6
120    Firestorm x3
230    Exorcist Grand Cruiser
215    Emperor Cruiser (Space Fleet Vessel)
340    Tyrant Lt Cruiser (Space Fleet Vessel) x2
600     Thunderbolt Corvettes (Space Fleet Vessel) x6
300    Constellation Targeting Ships (Space Fleet Vessel) x6
260    Dominion Battlercruiser
105    Sword x3
210    Falchion Frigate x6
400    Blackstone Fortress

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31 minutes ago, generalripphook said:

I had some foam laying around so most of my cruisers have a nice cozy home inside that, but damn it's hard to find a good way to store these models. 

Magnetize the flight stand to the ship. There are a couple of products out there specifically for storing models like BFG. Although its relatively simple to makeshift a similar solution.



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