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Necromunda/Shadow War points comparison

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Looking at some of the 8th Ed Vehicle bits we've seen, I was thinking something like this for a Rhino:

M6 BS4 WS2 S6 T6 W8 I1 A1 Sv2+/6++

Tank: Cannot be Pinned, can freely move away from HtH Combat. If it "Runs", it can still fire its Weapon at BS2. If it Charges, it may choose to Run them Down if it has sufficient Movement to move entirely past (more than 1" away) all other Models. If it does so, double its WS for the Turn, and the other Model(s) may only roll a single Attack die in that HtH.

Damage: At 3-4 Wounds remaining, cannot Run or Charge. At 1-2 Wounds remaining, it cannot Move at all, and fires at BS2.

Weapons: Pintle-mounted Storm Bolter. This may be upgraded to a Grenade Launcher with Frag and Krak Grenades for 45 Points, or a Heavy Stubber for 65 Points. It may also take Smoke Launchers for +10 Points.

Smoke Launchers: One use per Game. Used at the start of your Turn. The Rhino cannot shoot that Turn, but until the start of your next Turn, Enemy Models shooting at it suffer a -1 to-Hit Modifier, cumulative with all other Modifiers.

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