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Metal Movement Trays for sale

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Hey everyone, I make and sell these movement trays for 9th Age, Kings of War or other games that you could use movement trays for.


I make them out of a thin gage of galvanaized steel with 3 bent sides and 1 open.  I can make them to any size up to 250mm wide and 250mm long.


Feel free to email me at MMTrays@hotmail.com and send me an order!  I'll drop it to 4.50% a try since we would be cutting out eBay if you want to do a direct order.


There is the link to eBay! Check it out!






Updated with the new eBay listing.

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36 minutes ago, Kale said:

Is bumping allowed? 

Not supposed to bump, but you could certainly add posts to "Update" the above. Sophistry, I suppose. For example, by posting the new link to the relisted item, rather than that one which says the sale has ended. 

That aside, I was curious, any sort of discount if we don't buy through Ebay (like buying directly from you)? Not hugely discounted, but the ebay cut is probably reflected in your costs...

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Thanks for the information pax!  I could take off 10% so 4.50 a tray and than the 7-13$ shipping depending on size of trays/order.  that way we can both stay out of eBay and do it direct.



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