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Zombicide: Green Horde Kickstarter

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One of the many things I like about the GG/CMON board games are the crossovers.  I have the B-Sieged crossover models and cards for ZBP and I've ordered the Massive Darkness crossover cards that brings MD heroes into ZBP, and ZBP Survivors and monsters into MD.   I also plan to order the Zombicide Green Horder crossover cards for MD, giving me more ZGH Survivors and additional heroes and monsters for MD. 

I didn't go too crazy with the MD Kickstarter (the only extras I bought is the Cyclops box, the Ratkins, and the crossover cards), but will all the ZBP and ZGH crossover monsters, I feel pretty good about the number of monsters in my MD menagerie.


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4 hours ago, Brother Glacius said:

I feel bad that I ended up passing on this. This game looked so amazing. But just not in a position to toss $120 at something that is most likely going to sit there on my shelf. :(

Hopefully someone in Portland got it and I'll at least be able to play it some time. :)

I did get it Brother G, Figure I may start up a game group for a bit at Dice Age for those that are interested. in about 8-12 months when we get it :) 

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