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Ando's Grey Knights for Escalation

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So, I got some fairly ugly Grey Knights in a trade a long time ago...and have acquired a few in trades.  They have thus sat on a shelf...unloved.

So, with the escalation league, I've decided it is time to not play Sisters or any flavor of Nurgle, and try something different.  Plus, they get a real codex this weekend, so that could be pretty cool :)



I dug up this Castellan Crowe model...and yes, it is finecast.  I have only ever had a couple of FineCast models, but this one...WOW...this is terrible flashing all over.




But, tried to clean him up a bit...and here is our fairly cheap HQ for the first week :)



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4 hours ago, Spaceork said:

I love the old metal GK's!

Thanks...me too.  Plus they mostly have halberds which I always liked that look better (none of this falchion nonsense).

They need a lot of work to "pretty" them up...but I made some progress, and hopefully will be in attendance for Escalation tonight!

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Sadly due to work I will not be able to play the next two weeks...but I have gotten some hobbying done :)

Here is one finished GK, a Justicar.  He is my aim for the remaining models.  He is finished to my standards, and I have rebased him to 32mm.




I have been "assembly line" painting my 3 Strike Squads, plus started a Purgation squad.




As they near completion I will be moving them to 32mm bases and the previous basing scheme.

Then I have a few more models to prime still ...Doomglaive Dreadnought and Castellan Crowe.  Then to basecoat the next batch...this fellow is waiting for his basecoat still :)






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