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KIngs of War Campaign Closer! September 30th

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Hello one and all,

So, in order to get this on everyone's calendar, I am putting this out now.  We are going to do a mega-game of Kings of War at Dice Age on Saturday, September 30th Noon-5pm.  I already have 3 players per side, but we have room for more!  I already have 12' of table space reserved, and can go out further.  I am also making special abyssal terrain for the event.

Let me know if you aren't part of the normal group and would like to attend. Right now, I am thinking 1500 points per player.

Let me know,


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On 9/12/2017 at 2:30 PM, TheBeninator said:

I just realized I cant make this event, I have a rafting trip that weekend which I scheduled far outside my limited short term memory.

-1 for the good guys :(

Oh Noes!

Is there anyone who can step in?  Right now I have 5 players, which is a smidge odd for a Mega game.

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