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Massive Darkness

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Just got my kickstarter a couple of days ago. I am pretty jazzed about getting a game in. I just went out and got sleeves for all the cards and am looking for a place to laminate the player cards so I can re-use them.  The rules look pretty solid. Though I am not a fan of the glue job they did on some of the larger multi part monsters, LOTS of glue over run. Most of the sculpts are good to great but you can definitely tell when you get a model that came out of the mold at the end of the molds life, vs getting a model from a brand new mold.

Anyone else get a game in? 

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On 9/8/2017 at 2:27 PM, PumpkinHead said:

I didn't get the elemental set, but got everything else. What do you think of the sculpts?

I'm digging the sculpts but I did not have high expectations of them.


the game is looking really killer too. In laws visited so no time for the game yet... silly Ikea

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3 hours ago, PumpkinHead said:

show off.... :P

I will look into KR, thanks.

With how soft the foam is there is great flexibility in the very thin trays if you go this route go thinner than your minis by just a bit and buy an extra pack of toppers. You can use them between trays to put more foam between models or to just fill the box out to the best height to eliminate box closure stress.

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