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von hammer

Pioneer Open 2017 @ Geeks and Games in Oregon City

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Here we go!! Just a few “tid-bits” for the tourney!

•We will be using the ITC missions 1, 3, and 5 for the Pioneer Open
•The points will be broken down as follows:
   -Normal Win/Loss points per ITC missions
   -Normal Secondary/Tertiary points per ITC      missions
   -Sportsmanship will be a 1-5 score
   -Army Composition will be a 1-10 score 
   -Paint will be a 1-10 per TO for Best Overall
•Battle-forged army only
•FAQ from GW will be used 
•Best Painted AWARD will be a player vote
•Power Level (100) is being used instead of the 2,000 point system. 

There is still more being worked out such as lunch possibly being provided (or purchased), a raffle being done and fun donations for command points system. 

We have spots for 24 players since this year will be played in the store (looking into a larger area for next year already) and are taking sign-ups as we speak! You can either PayPal myself (anthony.hammerschmith@gmail.com) or come into the store and pay (recommended) the $15 registration fee!!

Again, the date for this is October 28th from 9am-hopefully 6pm. 

I will be posting this to all of the gaming boards I am part of but please feel free to share amongst your groups as well! Hope to see you all there and stay tuned for more information to come in the next week!!

Your Warmaster,

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