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Khorne Bloodbound

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Updates. Got a 500-ish point list put together and mostly painted. Pictures ASAP. 

Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage (General, Command Trait: Immense Power, Daemonic Gift: A'rgath, the King of Blades) 260pts

Bloodletters (10) 110pts

Chaos Warriors (5, Hand Weapons, Mark of Khorne) 90pts

Total 460pts

Immense Power adds +1 damage to my General's melee attack. A'rgath, the King of Blades makes my General hit on 2s against enemy heroes. 

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Got a game with Jay tomorrow. Model Selection is limited because I haven't been working on this army as much as I should...kinda annoyed with myself - I've got the models at home, just haven't put them together.


1k Khorne

Leader: Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage 260

Leader: Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut 140

Leader: Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut 140

Leader: Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut 140

Battleline: Bloodletters (10) 110

Battleline: Blood Warriors (10) 200


Total: 990pts


Don't think Jay has a Battletome, so I'm not planning to use artefacts or command traits. Bloodthirster will be the Warlord. Entire force is melee, which is perfect for khorne. No spellcasters, but some of the units are magic resistant. Some hard hitters in there, but I figure that since the entire army is melee, his force should have the tactical advantage, which is good for new players. Hope the list isn't too mean. 

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Okay, so take aways from those two games with Jay:

Juggerlords were awesome. 3+ saves are great. I think I want to form the army around this model kit. 

Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage. I've run him in both AoS and 40k, and in both, he really suffers from being a one-trick pony. He's like a wooden hammer - not as brittle as glass, but he doesn't hit as hard as you'd think he should and also degrades rapidly with repeated use. He's decent and he hits hard, but he runs into issues where he doesn't do nearly as much damage as his model or cost woudl suggest and then he becomes bogged down in melee and takes much more damage than he probably should. 

Bloodletters were decent. No real complaints. They were my cheapest unit and they did the least damage to the enemy, but they did contribute. I think I need a better battleline unit, but they were decent. Even a larger unit, like 20+, would likely resolve the issues I saw.

Blood Warriors were also decent. In their case, I think they were a bit underwhelming because the stormcast have such good saves and they have no rend. In hindsight, Bloodwarriors have the option to take a "Goreglaive" on one model per every 10, which does feature a rending weapon profile - that's probably the solution here. 


During the two games with jay, two lacking points became apparent as key issues for the army. First, I had no support units. They all kinda do their own thing, which was nice, but none could really bolster eachother any more than just by killing enemy units faster. Second issue was a general lack of range, or ranged defense. My opponent's archers did a rather obscene amount of damage, uncontested, because I lacked both ranged defense and the option to shoot at them. So my units would get locked and they'd get peppered by archers while locked. Mind you, these were both known issues prior to playing, but mentioning them anyway. 

Both armies had a bit of points invested in anti-wizard units/abilities, which I think is part of why it was so balanced. 

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