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Ordo Senate meeting, 1PM Saturday 10/28/2017

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The next Ordo Fanaticus Senate meeting is scheduled for 1:00PM on Saturday, the 28th of October, 2017.

Preliminary agenda is as follows:

Agenda 10/28

Senate - New Senator approvals or Senator resignations


Old Business

Wrap up of 40k League,

Current infinity league

Raindog's Rampage

Infinity Terrain Purchases - status update

Merchandising Czar


New Business

Officer Check-in

upcoming 40k League - Khan, chad and/or pete.c

upcoming BB falls season

Boosting Senator participation in Curia 


Date Selection, contract approvals

Deadlines for official announcement, Hog submissions

Pub quiz and Terrain Challenges



Our Senate meetings are open to the public, your input is always welcome!

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