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Tau Army For Sale

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Here  you go, everything you need, and plenty painted to a great table top standard!  Paint scheme is standard Tau, so easy to replicate.  Played the army a few times...but I have too many armies.  All in all, about $1400 retail value down there below...

$600 takes the lot.

Riptide 2  
Broadsides 6  
Piranha 3 Converted
Stealth Suits 12 Old style, 6 suits to a squad, only pricing this as 3 man squads.
Cadre Fireblade 1 NIB
Devilfish 3  
Sniper Drone Team 2 Extra Drones
Hammerhead 2  
Sky Ray Missile Defence Gunship 1  
Pathfinder Team 12 Older metal models, two 6 man squads
Firewarriors 36 Older plastic kit, 3 12 man squads
Darkstrider 1 NIB
Tau Commander 1 Older finecat kit
Crisis Suits 10 These are all older crisis suits, there are about 10, only pricing at one 3 man squad
Longstrike 1 NIB




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Teaches me a lesson to take better pictures with less of my own stuff... :)


That was an armold palmer in the glass, sorry, not beer.  As for being a filthy Xenos lover...this is a little secret but my first army ever for 40K was Eldar...shhhh...don't tell anyone.

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