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Warhamsters 10/17

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1 hour ago, SigurdBC said:

Let's do it!!! I'll see you Tuesday about 6. 

Going loyalist instead of renegades... watch out for healing knight still less snipers but better... 

Not as many bodies but more dangerous I think... 15 CP fyi.

What list you planning? I got battalion of mechanicus, lord of war aux knight, and a brigade of guard. Not many vehicles (3 sentinels,  a manticor,  and the knight). 3 infantry squads (missiles and plasma), 24 conscripts, 2 min scion squads (double plasma, and double melta these are my clear guys). Commander, double primaris, commisar, command squad snipers, master of ordnance and two missile equipped heavy weapon squads round out the guard. 


The mechanicus is a Dominus, tech priest,  2 times 5 rangers with single sniper gun, and 7 vanguard with 2 plasma. 


Edit: oh stygies VIII mechanicus(-1 to shoot me over 12"), and vostroyan guard(shoot with squad engaged with all weapons order,  and 6" extra range on all rapid and heavy weapons)

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On 10/14/2017 at 5:58 PM, SigurdBC said:

I'll probably run my list I played against Jim last week. It's mostly mech with some assault troops. It can put out a good deal of punch based on last week. It's a fun list and we'll see how it does. 

So the shop didn't get my starting mechanicus in I'll have a few blank bases,  cool?

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On 10/14/2017 at 3:50 PM, Fix said:

I believe that I've got some people willing to do some Damage playtesting this week?  We'll try to keep it short and run through a few different variants based on y'all's suggestions from last time.

I dont have anything going so I am game.

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