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Black Friday Black Crusade APOC

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Event Location, Time and Date. Western Oregon Wargamers/Ordo Fanaticus clubhouse, 717 SE Main Street, Portland Oregon. 1200 Noon event opens, Friday November 24th (Black Friday), 2017.

Event Organizer. Peter Cosgrove, 503-957.7906. PM peter.cosgrove. Status Senator/Ordo Fanaticus

Proposed timeline:

1130 open up/prep area

1200 event open/prep teams

1230 Team captains roll off for deployment

Break at end of turn 2.

End of Turn 4 game ends, approx time 1630.

1630-UTC clean up/trash/prep area.

Standard game night fee 2$/5$, Pizza/drinks provided.

Table setup:APOC.jpg.131877aa40d8dce6023fa0cce100e17b.jpg

Be prepared for holding the line, spearheads, deep strike, and long range gunnery. Bring as much as you can, bigger the better. Both sides simultaneously deploy. All Infiltration in neutral area and enemy deployment zone is delayed until beginning of first turn. Deployment time limited to max 10 minutes. First turn is a straight roll-off between Team Captains. On Turns 1-2, full units of non-fly infantry, bikers and dreadnaughts with 8 wounds or less can re-enter from their two backfield table edges or back 12" on their two side table edges and 9" away from enemy models. Any tactical reserves left after turn 3 are removed from game. Depending on who brings what team size may be limited to 10-12k per side.

Both Teams will be generally made up of a judicious  team list of gunline, front line heavy/mechanized infantry,  and deep strike lists. So if you have a limited choice of an army please reply so we can configure accordingly prior to the event date. Also, if you can fill 2 or more roles with 2.5k to 3k in each role please also reply. In fact, just reply with what you can play and we might be able to configure the teams before hand. The overall intent is to keep a player at one table instead of bouncing back and forth between the two tables.

Armies that currently do not possess a codex can use the proposed Ordo Fanaticus list of relics/detachment traits. 

Winners have to hold at least 2 OBJ by the end of Turn 4. Winners gain bragging rights for a period of 365 days.

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