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FS: evil_bryan is selling stuff?!? yes!

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After years of reckless purchasing, I now find my collection difficult to manage. I have decided some healthy pruning is in order.

I have started with creating an album titled the Island of Misfit Toys :)

As items are sold, their pictures will be removed from the album....if there is a pic, it is for sale.

Pictures will be added faster than things will be priced (pricing is always a pain), if you see if pic but no price in the thread then you can always make an offer via PM.


  • Sales only, no trades at this time
  • Local (Portland) purchases can be picked up on Tuesday Game Night, other arrangement might be possible
  • Shipping is an option, buyer is responsible for actual costs
  • "Will I hold models?" Of course! For the first person who has sweet, sweet cash :)


109 Necromunda Bulkheads - $200
With the new box set released, it is time to move my massive stash of Necromunda Bulkheads! Large cache of cardstock thrown in as a bonus!

Tyranid Army - $500
Looking to move as a lot before I consider breaking it up. Would cost $1200+ new, but as you can see from the pics this is not new. It is a great way start start a new army and put that new codex to work. The army includes:
1 Barbed Heirodule
2 Mawloc
4 Carnifex
4 Hive Tyrant
1 Hive Crone
1 Tyrannofex
3 Zoanthropes
1 Venomthropes
1 Lictor
57 Termagant 
18 Genestealer
3 Hive Guard
1 Broodlord
3 Warriors
6 Old Warriors (5 pictured)
10 Old Rippers

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