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March to War 2018: 9th Age Tournament March 24th, Vancouver, WA

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Ok! My list:

Great Khan
Heavy Armor / GW
Mammoth-Hide Cloak
Blessed Inscriptions

Hvy Armor / Iron First
Ghostly Guard
Lucky Charm
Pennant of the Great Grass Sky
Cult Leader

Wizard Master (Pyro)
Light Armor / GW
Magical Heirloom
Talisman of the Void
Wrestler's Belt
Gut Roarer

8 Tribesman
Full Command

3 Bruisers
Banner / Muso

3 Bruisers

20 Scraplings

6 Mercenary Veterans
Bodyguard & Devastating Charge (+1 St & +1AP)
Full Command
Banner of Speed

8 Bombardiers

Slave Giant
Giant Club

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4 hours ago, valourunbound said:

@Andrewgeddon Thanks for putting on a great tournament!

Thank you! Big thanks to everyone who showed up, especially those who traveled so far, great to see that kind of support from the community! Appreciate everyone helping set-up and tear down, and a big thanks to Dice Age for having us again this year! 

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