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IK Armada Adventures

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1x ISD

4x VSD

1x Light Carrier

2x Aggrssor Assault Fighter 

2x Firespray-31

2x Jump Master 5000

4x TIE Advanced Squadrons

4x TIE Bomber Squadrons

22x TIE Fighter Squadrons

4x TIE Interceptor Squadrons 

2x YV-666




2x MC 80

1x Assault Frigate

3x Corellian Corvette

3x Neb B

1x MC 30

2x HWK 290

2x Scurrg H-6 Bomber

12x X Wing Squadrons

2x YT 1300

2x YT 2400


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A buddy in my gaming group expressed interest in playing armada. He came over yesterday after work and we played the learning mission. He won pts victory turn 6, but we played it out as he didn't have time for a second game, and I barely won with my VSD with no shields and 1 health left, and his xwing with almost full health.

We are playing again on Friday, 400 pt game using my inventory for building.

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At the moment, I have 991 pts of rebel ships and 763 of imperial. This does not include upgrades, crew, etc. Tomorrow's 400 pt game should be fun. A lot of options for him to choose from for the Rebels. 

My list, however, will lack a bit of imagination. Basically, do I want to run the ISD, or not, and how many TIEs do I sacrifice for upgrades and Bounty Hunters?

I'm hoping after this game I can talk my buddy into giving 600 a try.

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Played vs buddy.

I ran an ISD 2, and the light carrier, 4 bombers and 4 advances, and Fett.

He ran assault frigate, mc30, and 2 or 3 corvettes, and xwings for the rest.

He won the points bid, and had me go first. Objective had me deploying everything before he did and gave victory points to rear hull damage.  I clumped everything on the left of my field, positioned to advance for a couple turns and then sweep through the astroid and debris fields en route to the space station to heal of needed.  He split his force, half across from me and half in the middle of the board to trap me in the debris fields.

First turn we both advanced, him focused on my guys. I started positioning to force his mid board force to come through the debris or take the long way home.

Second turn saw some early shots exchanged.

End of third saw all his fighters gone, the assault frigate and corvette with 0 shields left, the ISD positioned to unload on the two ships, and my bombers setup to take out a ship from its rear arc for VP.  

He conceded rather than playing it out as the rest of our gaming group had started arriving. 

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I feel like buddy hasn't wanted to play, because I had told him we should play a few games without upgrades so he could get used to playing (read:maneuvering), but he insisted and we haven't played since.  From what I'm picking up, he's not used to losing, I think. He's the rules lawyer in the group, former army, likes to do things right, etc. Don't get me wrong, not suggesting he is WAAC or a munchkin or anything; rather, he is used to being the most aware and capable member in the group. I am hopeful this dnd campaign we are starting will help loosen him back up, cuz I want to play some Armada.

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