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The door in the basement looks like some kind of vault door. So I figure that’s the enterance into the dungeon where the hedge wizard that lives in the tower has put the MacGuffin behind a series of suitable-for-average-party-level challenges.

There’s an area marked Open to Above that seems to match the hole in the ground floor... But there’s not so much as a ladder or a trap door to get from one to the other. Which would be okay, if the Lower Floor wasn’t obviously meant to be part of the living quarters of the tower.

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26 minutes ago, Romans832 said:

There are stairs and it says on the bottom "Open to above"

I'm left to assume that's how?

The stairs connect the Ground Floor to the Upper Floor; that’s clear enough. I just don’t see a method to get from the Lower Floor to the Ground Floor (other than jumping through the portal in the floor).

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