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15 minutes ago, Raindog said:

It looks cool?

Only if you don't know much about castle design. I just look at it and my head-hurts.

Someone needs to coin a name for the variant of the Gell-Mann amnesia effect that causes history majors, like me, to go all nitpicky on badly designed castles (yeah, Winterfell I'm looking at you!), bad costume design (seriously, what the hell is this?), and anachronistic weapons in movies (even movies we love) and get all salty about it.

Funnily enough, this was actually used as a plot point in the original Dragonlance RPG modules and novels. During the prelude to the siege of the High Clerist's Tower, the dwarf warrior Flint Fireforge specifically points out (and helpfully provides exposition for the reader) that the tower having three gates makes very little sense defensively and that the decorative loops in the center of the portcullises are more than large enough to let a man pass through... Which all turns out to be part of an elaborate trap for killing dragons. 


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