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31 minutes ago, InfestedKerrigan said:

Are they TWC or are you bringing them in as Jetbikes?

Gonna ally in custodes vertus praetors (jet bike dudes) for some soup.

If I was to go pure wolf I set them up as either WG on bikes, or as a wolf lord/battle leader on bike.

The custodes rules look pretty tasty though.

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It’s been awhile, but I managed to pull myself away from a side army (space clowns) and put some paint on something Fenris’y.

From experience vs Scary’s Great Co. I know they do well once they start rolling dice, so I’m excited to be close to having this guy on the table.

Base coats and washes.








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Done with paint.  I’m happy with how he turned out, but bummed for the motivation to finish him up.

I’ll be dedicating this one to Brand.

Brand was a young space wolf fan in the UK who just recently lost a long term fight with cancer.  

His passing is recent, and for any interested in his story or helping his family through go fund me you can find:

Brands Great Company on Facebook 


The gaming community has petitioned GW to add him to the upcoming codex, and it’s rumored they have agreed.  It would be pretty classy on their part if it came to pass.  

Silver lining.





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Spent some time with the Wolves this weekend.

I removed the bases from the models that needed cork added, and cleaned their feet with a razor for good bond to the finished product later.

Using some bulk super glue from tammies I did the swirl pattern on the base for the cork to stick to.  In this phase I leave the glue a little back from the edge so I can pull the outside edges apart and give a nice rough ‘shattered’ texture to make it look more like stone.

Glued all the bases down and put the whole sheet of cork under some books to keep pressure for a few hours while the glue sets up.

More to come.

Have a good weekend.





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After a few hours you can break the individual bases out of the sheet of cork.  

I spend a few minutes on each and ‘back break’ the edges of the cork.  It yields a nice textured edge for dry brushing later.

Once I’ve cleaned up all the bases I’m left with a goodly pile of cork.  At this point you could get pretty creative in stacking up some extra bits to add some vertical features to the bases.  Fortunately for me I’m extremely lazy...  ;)

Everything bags up for a trip to the garage for a few base coats of black.




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Finished the black in a couple of coats on the cork.  Cleaned the over spray off the edges with the trusty xacto, and moved on to a goodly dry brushing of the perimeters.

I went light on the edges and top, with a slightly heavier highlight at the upper edge.

Easy peezy, and fits the winter’y/ tough outdoors’y guy theme.

It’ll be nice to be caught up on all the current infantry for basing.





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The contemptor, being a larger model, needs a little extra work so he doesn’t just rip his way off the base.

I get a hard connection to the plastic base by cutting through the cork and cementing a piece of sprew to both the base and the models foot.

That way if he falls off the table, not only will he peel off the base, but also shatter into 900 pieces... 😉






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On 4/15/2018 at 6:09 PM, WestRider said:

I always get way too carried away when I'm working with cork for basing. I think there are at least a couple of Models where I've spent more time getting that just right than I did on the model itself.

I could see it getting crazy, and would have totally been me pre-kids.

Post kids though I’m ok with ‘ok’.  Time has become one of more valuable commodities. 😜

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I’ve begun work on the Razorback’s brothers.  In wanting to stay efficient with new’ish kits I’m magnatizing everything so that each of the new hulls can swap to different builds as needed.

Im using bits of sprew to span the gaps behind the plates, with plans to green stuff the magnets in place so the fields don’t overwhelm the super glue over time.

Nothing new to this crowd I’m sure 🙂




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