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2 hours ago, WestRider said:

I'd also bring the edges of the Wolf Claw blades back up a bit. Doesn't have to be much, but a little bit of a highlight there can really help to sell the "Power Weapon" concept.

Yarp :)

He'll get similar treatment as the rest of his brothers. 

The claws will end up with a 3 step gradient and a white highlight.

Similar to the sword effect, but with finer steps to the blues.


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That army shot definitely makes it look better. I'd still probably dial it back and use a warmer gray for the highlight, but I think at that point I'd just be counseling you to do it the same way I did back when I painted wolves. Still a cool army either way. 

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Having failed to complete my January models, and realizing that life will keep piling up, I'll change the thread to a wolf WIP one.

I'll continue to work on the TDA from before, but have expanded into some other projects that were shiny and diverted my attention.

First up is one of two (his borg designation) blizzard dreads.  He's mag'd at the arm/wrist joints for swaps, although the elbow is pretty rough.  I may 'fur' over the spot to hide it.

Second is a little wolf 'counts as' custodes jet bike action.  To be honest the rules on paper look silly fun,  visually I'm hoping the 'wolf' well.

Story is a 30k Great Co. re-emerges from the warp with some of the old fun toys.  The MKIII should help a little.

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