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Shi Guy

The Death Knights of Khorne

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I had a classic Khorne CSM army way back in the days of 3rd edition.  It was fully painted in the classic World Eater paint scheme, complete with Rhinos, Juggernauts, etc.   Then I grew bored of 40k and foolishly sold the army.  Flash forward to today and I want to put together another Khorne army.  Granted, it helps that Berzerkers are pretty decent again.  Unfortunately, the official Berzerker models haven't changed at all, looking incredibly dated, so I opted to use a quick kit bash of the AoS Blood Warrior model as my Berzerker.  I didn't want to do the standard Khorne color scheme, so I spent some time browsing for other ideas.  As I was perusing through google, I came across this image of a WoW Death Knight, and the army theme was born.




This was the first model I painted for the army.  He was originally used as a Paladin in a DnD campaign, now he's my Arthas look-a-like Dark Apostle.




A shot of the first completed squad of Berzerkers




A group shot of the Berzerkers and HQ.  Korghos Khul serves as my Exalted Champion




My Obliterators.  Inspired by the Khorne Lord of Skulls.




I'm working on a couple of Rhinos now.  After that I'm waiting on my order of Chaos Knights to arrive, which will be used as Chaos Bikers.


Thanks for looking!







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2 hours ago, generalripphook said:

I love the scheme. it reminds me of people that paint black and white armies for old historical world war 1 games. What I noticed worked well for those guys is they used a slight dash of a brighter color. Being Khorne maybe put a small spot of red here and there on a guy.

Like, say, some blood spatter here and there? :yourock:

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16 hours ago, InfestedKerrigan said:

Updated group shot, maybe, please? ^_^

When you say finished, do you mean the army, or the bikes?

Good point. I just meant the bikes.  I still need to finish a squad of cultists, some bloodletters, and a couple HQ before the army is finished.  After that I wouldn't mind adding a Lord of Skulls...

I'll try and put together a group shot as soon as I can

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