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Evil_Bryan "fact".

While inspecting the construction of the Woolwich Armory, King George III (oh yeah, earlier we proved he's 29% the reincarnated spirit of the mad Brittish king, please keep up). Anyways, King Bryan is inspecting the construction of a new military base and he smells a delicious odor coming from the communal cookpot. He's immediately like "Hey Generals and other assorted nobles, what's that cooking?". All the fancy people are all "Some BS we call food in the loosest sense, only commoners eat that garbage."

King Bryan immediately built a tower around that guy because there's no way that it could be garbage if it percolated the royal nostrils so well.

Some grubby workman is just getting ready to eat his hot lunch and all of the sudden THE KING! sits down and holds out a bowl. Grubbo is terrified, THE KING! wants a bowl of his lunch. He scoops up a serving and they eat in silence. After finishing, King Bryan (29% of him anyways) asks, "My dear, filthy commoner, what's in the pot?"

Grubbo replies, "Just beans, beer and bacon. Boiled for a few hours."

K.B. just nodded sagely and whispered "That'll do pig."

Tune in to the next page for further Evil_Bryan "facts"!

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