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Thursdays gameplay at Guardian Games - 2018

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THU, SEP 6: I plan on being at GG around 6 PM with Flames of War Eastern Front all-tank lists, 100 pts:

  • Soviet T-34 (Early) Tank Battalion, 100 pts: 19 x t-34 (Early). HQ and 2 companies
  • German Panzer IV Tank Company list, 100 pts: Pz IV Short 7.5 cm x3, Pz IV Long 7.5 cm x5, Pz III Uparmoured x4. HQ and 3 platoons.

I have the Enemy at the Gates book, unit cards and command cards.

I also have Iron Cross book, unit cards and command cards.

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I packed along Mid-War Americans along with Team-Yankee.  (Didn't know who was showing or what was being played)


Barca.  If nobody else shows up, it would be cool to play either the Germans or Russians since you have everything.

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I will bring MW North Africa Germans and desert terrain.
I will also have Team Yankee models and terrain.

We can discuss rotating the themes, so that we set expectations on what to bring on a given week, and which terrain to setup.
Bringing along FoW North Africa,...
   ...AND FoW Eastern Front
       ...AND Team Yankee
can be a lot to pack and haul.


As a starting point for discussion:

  • 1st half of month (days 1-15) = Desert Terrain
  • 1st half of month = FoW MW North Africa
  • 1st half of month = FOAN Fate of A Nation
  1. If we add Fate of A Nation (FOAN) to our themes, then we could have FOAN in the 1st half of the month.
  2. That way, desert terrain is all we need to setup, for both FOAN and FoW.
  3. So no matter which of these two sets of forces people bring, the terrain can be setup as soon as the first person arrives at the game store.


  • 2nd half of month (days 16-End-of-Month) = European and urban terrain
  • 2nd half of month = FoW MW Eastern Front
  • 2nd half of month = Team Yankee
  1. If we need to switch the terrain on a table from Team Yankee to FoW Eatsern Front (or vice versa), then we just swap out the buildings that don't fit the theme.

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