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OFCC 2018 AoS Singles Tournament

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14 hours ago, Threejacks said:

  Just wrapped up my last 5 models yesterday,,all painted and ready to go!

  Speaking of painting,,have one player wanting to know what the painting standard is?..I know its 3 color min and all that but what specifically is the standard for the event?


Nice, it will be great to see what you bring to the table.  I've always admired your painting skills.

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22 hours ago, ironfrontalex said:

Super surprised an important rule like painting requirements are literally nowhere to be found in the written details. 


That being said i'm all set! 

Sorry for the oversight! OFCC is always required fully painted, 3+ colors and basing on all models being used. Glad to see you are ready to have a great gaming weekend!

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