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Lord Hanaur

May 12th and May 13th Ambassadorial Grand Tournament in Lakewood, WA

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There has been some shifting among the Ambassadors!  You may find that your faction is now available once more.  

If you would like to be part of this great event, take a fresh look at the registration page.  On the right are the Ambassadorships which are already accounted for; and on the "Army Choice 1" drop down menu are the factions you can still select (those not grey'd out on the drop down).

Take a look.


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Just 5 days remain for you to submit your list to Jancoran@hotmail.com, if you are already registered. Registration for the event stays open until May 5th.  Those registering after April 28th will be given a short window within which to send their list, so don't worry.

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IMPORTANT! Further bounty! Please post here if you would like to get a massage between or during your game round. As last year we have a licensed massage therapist from one of the local chiropractic offices to come in and help us out.  Just need to know for scheduling purposes how many may be interested. I know lots of you enjoyed it last year (24 to be exact!) It's a great way to ease some tension between meals, games and so on. We will also be giving free ones away during the event. $10 gets you in!

If you wish to sign up for one, just reply to this and you can take care of it at the door. 
Massage List thus far:
2x Jonathan Firman
Jason Byrd
Justin Whitton
2 x Bill Carroll
Jaron Carlson
Brad Jones
Thomas Larson
Oseas Aduna
Aaron J Bang



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Just to review this years great tournament features:
1st, you will be receiving about $25 in customized free dice just for attending. No dice shenanigans at this event!

2nd We will be giving our usual and significant prize support, thanks to the sponsorships we've developed. Not only do the winners get really nice prizes, but all of those attending are in the hat for the raffles and we raffle quite a bit away.

3rd we are bringing you all the snacks and drinks you can take during the two day event

4th, you will be fed a delicious Teriyaki lunch and all the Gyoza we can eat during the most arduous first day.

5th, we have brought you a massesus (remember to sign up ahead of time!) for the second year in a row to work on your tension and relax you before, during, or after your games and meals.

6th, We are going to be playing, in some cases, on new custom gaming tables you will love. They are provided by a company who wants us to be their show room! It is even possible that the specifically Warhammer version of the tables will be here in time for the top table stream.

7th we are bringing Stormcrow bitz and models to add to our already great prize support (and they are cool).

8th A new kind of fun! We're providing 9" templates for everyone to use in their games to more quickly ascertain proper reinforcement deployment! No cost to you!

9th At least four and possibly more attendees will be directly contributing to the terrain and its setup, adding to the already impressive collection of terrain at the Game Matrix which should ensure we are able to have denser and more interesting terrain patterns to work around! Some of the setups are quite beautiful.

10th the Sword will be on display and is the icon of our tournament, donated long ago and everpresent at the events.

11th The missions are all custome missions and play tested heavily for 8th Edition with lots of changes from the previous edition thanks to the dilligent commentary of many attendees past and present.

We haven't even mentioned the Grand Tournament itself. Two days of gaming with REPRESENTATIVE lists from as many codex's as there are players in your bracket! There is no chance you will play the same army twice, and thus this may be the most all comers group of lists you will ever find, at any event.

Best of all, we attained incredible agility for our website and improved our functionality dramatically for all phases of the Grand Tournaments preparatory requirements this year. That was not a small thing. We anticipate the new list functionality will make it even easier, now that the Mobile version of the website is working, for people to access lists.

The final ingredient will be your enthusiastic and sportsmanlike support for the event. It has grown from a little idea to a bigger one through people who shut out the noise to gain something different. An event that is as much about the experience as it is about competing. We've tried to offer every Ambassador an embarrassment of riches just for being with us, and yet provide an intense and satisfying prize pool.

Thank you to everyone whose making it happen again this year. We are nearing capacity again. We have 2-3 slots left, if I'm not mistaken, and it would be a new record to have all of our slots filled BEFORE Registration ends May 5th. If you know someone, tell them all that we have waiting for them and encourage them to join us, as some of you have done. We love breaking new records and finding more ways to make it cool to attend

Sincerely, your humble host.

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Now that the registration is closed, please take a look at the following link and search the "7th" Tab there, in order to find every list for every Ambassador right now! 


To know thine enemy is to know thine own self. Even if you're not attending, take a look at what these gladiators are bringing.

We did once again gain the registrations we needed for the Grand Tournament status, so our attendees will have one less GT they have to win for their ITC standing.

Come see us if you can.  

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One of our Ambassadors had their work catch on fire today and will not be able to attend.  He is a T'au Empire Ambassador.  If you wish to play as the T'au Ambassador, please PM me immediately.  He is very disappointed but wanted someone to be able to play in his stead.  He even went so far as to offer his army up for a worthy Ambassador to use, albeit I am sure the Ambassador who replaces him will want to use his own.

In any event, let me know immediately if you'd like to fill the slot left by this unfortunate turn of events.

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The night before...  So much to do...

Okay so all of the individual food orders for the Ambassadors have been sent!  We have 13 of you pre-registered to get professional massages during the tournament at any time (and we'll be giving out more!).  Table side service for this is absolutely available, of course.

The drinks and snacks will be there and ready to ice tonight, and the many snacks will be en route in the morning!  You shall want for nothing, oh Fortunate Few.

A few things to ask yourself are Have you:

  • Based your models?
  • Prepared and printed lists for each opponent?
  • Do you have a copy of your Codex or index FAQ on hand?
  • Have you added your objective markers to your things so they are there when you head out the door?
  • Signed up for a $10 professional massage?

If so then you are prepared, Ambassador!  We look forward to seeing you all.

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