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Infinity 2018 Spring Escalation League Rules!

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Yes it's finally here! Read, weep, and demand explanations!


Rules for the Infinity Escalation League.

Phoenix Nest Games

Spring 2018


The following rules are in effects while at 100 points or under.

1.       No total reaction or neurocinetics models

2.       No more than one character model

3.       No more than one warband model

The following rules are general purpose rules for the entire league.

1.       The league will be active for six weeks, from March 3rd until April 7th.

2.       League games may be played at any time, not only during wargaming nights.

3.       Standard wargaming nights are Wed from 2-10 pm and Saturday from 12-10 pm.

4.       Play nice and show good sportsmanship. Remember, crits happen to everyone.

5.       Each player may play up to two league games per week.

6.       When you finish a game, each player will record a win or a loss, and how many points they scored at the end of the game. This is important. They will then fill out the scoring sheet at the Nest, and both players must initial the scoring.

7.       The first and second place winners of the league will be awarded a small prize, accolades, bragging rights, and will automatically face each other in the first round of the tournament the weekend after the conclusion of the league in a grudge match.

8.       Each week, there will be ONE mission available to play as that week’s league mission. All league games must play the prescribed mission.

9.       The advancement of points are as follows:

a.       Week 1 = 50 points

b.       Week 2 = 100 points

c.       Week 3 = 150 points

d.       Week 4 = 200 points

e.       Week 5 = 250 points

f.        Week 6 = 300 points

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