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Spring Infinty League - Starting March 25 - FULL INFO IN POST

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So after many months of other things getting in the way I am going to go ahead and launch this thing. The goal was to have a short competitive league that combined ITS and traditional Sunday league. If I can get six people to commit to the six weeks I will run the ITS portion, if not we will still have a competition but it will not be entered into ITS rankings. I am launching either way.


Who: Everyone. There will be no fee for the league. Game night dues will apply. $2 champions/ $5 for members (If you are interested in becoming a champion, send me a PM)

When: Sundays - 6 weeks - March 25 to May 6 - Easter Sunday will be off league

Where: Western Oregon Wargames. http://www.ordofanat...00-what-is-wow/

What: Two 300 point lists from one faction or sectorial. 12pt spec op. You will need to have ITS cards and an HVT. 

There will be three awards, Skilled General for the competitive portion, Impeccably Dressed for paint, and League Master for over all points.

Week 1: Frontline

Week 2: Supplies

Week 3: Transmission Matrix

Week 4: Supremacy

Week 5: Highly Classified

Week 6: Hunting Party

How to get points

Additional League Points

Play game: 2 points

Win a game: 1 point per week – Only one win will count towards it that week.

Bring food or drinks: 2 points each week – Bring a snack to share or water/ soda for the fridge.

Paint a model: 2 points per week/ 55 mm base models 4 points – The model must be three colors and have at minimum a painted base. Points will either be given for posting a picture on the forums or showing me the model at game night.

Post on the forums: 1 point per week – Create a blog on the clubs Infinity forums and share lists, battle reports or hobby reports

Noteworthy moments – 1 points – These are handed out by me each week for epic moments in the game, telling a great joke, or other random mysterious things.


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1 hour ago, Torg said:

I will bring my USAriadna next sunday GN... (4/8?) and see if I can get re-educated on playing Infinity.

4/8 is indeed the next Sunday game night.  No senators will be around to open on Easter.

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I'm not sure how up to date Mayanet is.  I use the web army builder.  The mobile version is behind a week, due to Spain's Easter holiday week, but the desktop full website is the most up-to-date, with all the new NA2 armies, Sectorial and profile adjustments.

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I'm wanting to use my iPad... (not LTE) ... so right now maya net is what I had.  I don't mind using a web app ... but without connectivity they are usually a no-good solution.  Does the mobile version rely on connectivity to the internet?  

@Raindog I am not sure what the "Druze" update is...


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