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Looking for a Team

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Hey everyone.


I am from the Salem area, and looking for a team.  I am going to ask around Salem to and see if anyone wants to go.  Last year I helped make Team Sister.  It was my first experience being a Team Captain.  With the captain picking the matches this year.  I am not sure I would be a good pick for that.  I am looking to bring Slaanesh Demons, with Nightlord allies.  Maybe just pure Slaanesh demons.  There is also Sisters of Battle.  If I cant make up my mind.  The for sure thing is.  I want to go.  If you need someone or want to help form a team with me.  Let me know.  I figure its never to early to start looking.  


Thank you all.

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5 hours ago, Chikin said:

I'm interested in a team.  I'm in Portland and am thinking of either Tyranids or Imperium.  I have never gone to OFCC before.

This will be my third year hopefully.  I had great fun with it.  My first one was to help out a fantasy team for 8th.  I really had a lot of fun.  Last year I tried to get an entire sister of battle team going.  Sadly one guy ended up having to drop, so we did fill up.  It was 3 Sisters armies and Blood Angels.  

I am asking Kolby if he wants to go again, as he was letting me know last year he wanted to.  He also had a friend that came up as a merc.  I didnt catch his name.  If Kolby gets back with me.  I am sure we can all form up a team together.



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