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News from Battlefront - A Look Ahead - THU 15 MAR 2018

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Reading through this article: "V4: 12 Months, 8 Books and Counting" at  https://flamesofwar.com/hobby.aspx?art_id=6014 ...
...I came across this sub-topic - "So What Does The Future Hold?" (scroll down in the same page listed above).

Using that information and previous knowledge of Battlefront releases, I came up with my forecast of the coming releases:

MAR - FoW - Avanti Releases
MAR - TY - Stripes Releases
MAR - Nam - 'Nam Releases

APR - FoW - Armoured Fist Releases  https://flamesofwar.com/online_store.aspx?CategoryID=9489
APR - TANKS - Avanti: M14/41 & Semovente  http://tanks.gf9games.com/Home/tabid/56/entryid/207/Default.aspx
APR - Nam - 'Nam Releases

MAY - FoW - Armoured Fist Releases
MAY - TANKS - Armoured Fist: Valentine & Sherman II

JUN? - TY - Free Nations
JUN - TANKS - Armoured Fist: Churchill III, Priest (UK)

JUL? - TY - Free Nations

AUG/SEP? - FoW - Iron Cross (Eastern Front)
AUG/SEP? - FoW - Enemy At The Gates (Eastern Front)


  • Battle of Kursk (2 Eastern Front books)
  • Paratrooper book

Release information also gleaned from:


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More details, some release dates, sample lists for Armoured Fist...

Team Yankee: Free Nations Is Coming...
Free Nations - Canadian, French, Duch (sic) and Australian Forces in World War III
Released May 2018

Team Yankee: The NATO's First Line Army Box: Released May 2018
Team Yankee: The Durand's Devils Army Box: Released July 2018

Fate Of A Nation Coming Soon
Release date still TBD

Armoured fist Article: Death Or Glory Boys With Casey
with Casey Davies - 27 tanks

Armoured fist Article: Churchill's Wall Of Steel
with Chris Townley - "... 9 (yes 9!) Churchills in one company!"

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