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Flames of War Themes and Special Events – suggestions

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Please comment and vote on these, and suggest your own ideas.
If anyone wants to get together and chat about these and other ideas in detail please suggest a time and place

FoW Event #1: FoW MW v4: The Bantam-Weight Warriors - Light Armor Forces.
THEMES: Armored cars, light tanks and motorized.
SIZE: Points/size TBD, but maybe between 50 and 75 pts.
SCHEDULE: Probably after the “Armoured Fist” releases.
FORMAT: This could be a mini-tournament or a special event with prize drawings.
DESCRIPTION: No Front armor over 3, no guns with AT greater than 9. Home-brewed scenarios will feature Reconnaissance/Mechanized Cav style missions and objectives. Infantry formations must include at least one platoon of motorized or mechanized infantry. Extra tickets or Victory Points will be awarded for using command cards for scout/armored car/recon builds and added abilities.

FoW Event #2: FoW MW v4: Kasserine Pass
THEMES: Tanks and Guns, with some infantry.
SIZE: Points TBD.
FORMAT: Mega Battle. At least two tables. Likely a long, one-day event 4-6 hours. 4 or more generals.
DESCRIPTION: No specifics on this yet. All ideas welcome. This could be either casual or competitive.

FoW Event #3: FoW MW v4: Pavlov’s House
THEMES: Urban combat. Small infantry forces. Eastern front.
SIZE: Estimated size is 50 pts or less. Main forces would be Soviet Infantry vs. German infantry in a small section of Stalingrad. Active tabletop area will probably 4’x4’.
FORMAT: A casual format, for learning and experimenting.
DESCRIPTION: A walk through and small battle using the mid-war Eastern Front handbooks (or “Forces books”). This is a casual scenario in which we walk through the new rules and forces that will be featured in Stalingrad battles. Timing would be about 1 month after the release of the Eastern Front books. We expect to create an urban scene of 4 city blocks: 2 large buildings, 2-4 medium sized buildings and 5 or more destroyed buildings. Due to the amount of work/expense, we would look for each participant to bring one large/med building or 2-3 small buildings or 2-3 destroyed buildings, plus their forces. If there is enough interest and commitment, we can have either:
•    Saturday only: 1-2 sessions
•    Sunday only: 1 session
•    Saturday and Sunday: 1 session each day
Note: If this event is very popular, we could do a second expanded version, AFTER we build/buy more buildings. This might include the Volga river, boats, Stukas, more buildings, more forces.

FoW Event #4: FoW MW v4: Fog-of-War.
THEMES: Missions or scenarios that leverage the Fog-of-War Cards.
SIZE: Standard
SCHEDULE: Anytime. Not tied to any release.
FORMAT: Probably a casual format: this event might be more experimental and less competitive.
DESCRIPTION: RCDD has avoided this topic as a level of complexity we did not want to tackle until our local players became  comfortable with the rules. Now it is time to move out of your comfort zone. No specifics on this yet. All ideas welcome.

FoW Event #5: FoW MW v4 Lend-Lease Scenarios.
THEMES: Historical or historically-based scenarios. Could also include “what if …?” situations.  Walk up, take charge of a borrowed army, immerse yourself in a new challenge, jump into a “living story”.
SIZE: Varies. Not just one event, but could be one event per month, in a series.  We could later throw together all or the most popular Lend-Lease battles together to be a major event.
SCHEDULE: Anytime. Not tied to any release.
FORMAT: Probably a casual format and experimental.
DESCRIPTION: We could resurrect a previously popular series of battles that provide new and unique challenges that you might never see in a competitive format. See your pet project or favorite movie come to life on the tabletop.

FoW Event #6: FoW MW v4: “CASE BLUE - Steel Hussars and Iron Cossacks”
THEMES: Big tank battle(s). Eastern front, 1942.
SIZE: Estimated size is 100 pts or more. Main forces would be large tank formations on the Eastern Front near Stalingrad. Tabletop area will probably 4’x 8’.
SCHEDULE: Several months after the eastern front releases
FORMAT: Depends on feedback and commitment. Could be a mega-battle, or a campaign.
DESCRIPTION: Needs input and discussion. Our club currently has few Eastern Front Mid-War forces.
•   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Case_Blue
•    Forczyk, Robert. Tank Warfare on the Eastern Front 1941-1942: Schwerpunkt
•    Glantz, David M.; Jonathan M. House. To the Gates of Stalingrad: Soviet-German Combat Operations, April–August 1942.
•    Haupt, Werner. Army Group South: The Wehrmacht in Russia, 1941-1945
•    Moench, Walter. Zweiter Weltkrieg Erlebnisbericht von den Gefechten um die Vorstädte von Stalingrad Fall Blau - Spaetsommer 1942
•    Sdvizhkov, Igor. Confronting Case Blue: Briansk Front's Attempt To Derail The German Drive To The Caucasus, July 1942

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