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Ordo Bowl II: Southstorm Slaughter resources

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Welcome to the Ordo Bowl II: Southstorm Slaughter resources thread. In this thread I will post regular updates and links to important documentation. If you want to follow the progress, please post a reply and activate the 'Notify me of replies' toggle on the lower left of your reply window. 

First, here are the different areas you can access for Ordo Bowl II: Southstorm Slaughter information:

Second, you want rules! In addition to being posted at https://southstormslaughter.splashthat.com/, they can be found here:

Ordo Bowl II: Southstorm Slaughter is a two-day, resurrection style Blood Bowl tournament, swiss style. First games will be determined randomly, with the remaining games determined based on tournament points. For the first round only, we will do our best to pair players off against members that are outside of their home club. The tournament will run six total matches, with four games on Saturday, and two on Sunday.

What to bring:

Painted and based team with suitable models; a fully painted and based team is mandatory. Bringing an incomplete team will disqualify you from any and all awards, including the Ordo Bowl II championship. It's easy; bring a painted team! You are not required to paint your own team, just bring a painted and based team to play with.

Skill rings or another appropriate way to identify skills/positions (mandatory)
Block dice
D6’s, D8, D12/16/20
3 copies of your team roster including skill purchases and inducements

Re-roll, turn and score markers


Pitch and dugouts will be provided

Tournament Rules:

Standard NAF Rules 2017 with the following exceptions:
NO Wizards
NO standard special play cards
Teams will resurrect at the end of each games; no SPPs, injuries or any roster changes carry over between games
Illegal Procedure will not be enforced
Four minute time limit can be enforced by opponent
Games will have a maximum length of two hours and thirty minutes
Event organizers will announce regular time checks as a courtesy to players
Players must agree on cocked die rules, and sharing dice at the start of the match (Ordo Bowl strongly encourages players to use one set of dice for the entire match)
If there are any disagreements or rules disputes, tournament directors will be standing by to assist
Teams with the ability to raise killed players will not be allowed to keep raised player on their roster past the game in which they are raised


Team building:

Players may choose from all 26 NAF Sanctioned Teams:
Human & Orc (Rules found in the 2016 Blood Bowl boxed set)
Dark Elf, Dwarf, Elf Union, High Elf, Nurgle, Skaven & Wood Elf (Rules found in the Death Zone: Season One gaming supplement)
Amazon, Chaos Dwarf, Chaos Renegades, Chaos Chosen, Goblin, Halfling, Khemri Tomb Kings, Lizardmen, Norse, Necromantic Horror, Ogre, Shambling Undead, Underworld Denizens & Vampire (Rules found in the Blood Bowl Teams of Legend document)
Slann (Rules found in The NAF 2/1/2017 Tournament Rules document)

Daemons of Khorne, Bretonnians
Teams get 1,200,000 gold pieces to construct their roster
Star players can be purchased as part of a roster;
A star player can be your 11th player
A maximum of 2 star players may be taken (Brick Farth & Grotty count as 1 star player, but will fill 2 roster spots as per rules)
In the case that opposing teams hire the same star, both teams will be allowed to use the player
Please Note only Stars listed in the NAF document will be allowed for the tournament
Teams must be built with a minimum of 11 players
Teams can purchase re-rolls, apothecaries (if allowed), coaches, cheerleaders & fan factor
Teams may also include bribes as part of the roster as per the standard inducement cost
Chefs can only be purchased by Halfling team
No other inducements may be purchased (including wizards, cards, extra apothecaries, mercenaries, etc)
Skill Packs; choose one of the following packs for your team for the entirety of the event; you may only give a player one skill in addition to what they already are equipped with, and no skill may be acquired via skill pack more than twice (i..e., if you are playing dwarfs several players come with tackle, but you can still use your preferred skill pack to apply tackle to one or two players that do not start with that skill):
A) Six normal skills
B) Four normal & 1 double skill(s)
C) Two normal and Two double skills

Tournament Scoring:

Win: three points
Loss: zero points
Tie: one points

Tie-breakers: The first tie-breaker will be head to head record; the second tie-breaker winning percentage (victories divided by total games); the final tie-breaker will be Favorite Opponent voting, with preference given to the player with the most Favorite Opponent pins at the end of the event

Stunty Cup:
Stunty teams will play for their own cup while still participating in the main tournament
Stunty teams include Goblins, Halflings, Lizardman (only when team build is all Skinks or plus a Kroxigor), Ogres and Underworld teams (without Skaven players).
Star players can be added to a stunty team without disqualifying them from the Stunty Cup.

The top two Stunty teams will be matched up in round six, and the winner will be the Stunty Cup champion, regardless of tournament points.

More information to follow, stay tuned!

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One week from today, Friday April 6th 2018, the Ordo Bowl team will be releasing a video showing off the Ordo Bowl II: Southstorm Slaughter limited edition give away model, SARA VON SQUID! The star player for the Southstorm Squids, Sara is a force on the pitch, and the main attraction at the Southstorm Schooner Stadium...stay tuned!

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⭐⭐⭐Did you know...?
...that the Southstorm Squids’ star player Sara Von Squid began her Blood Bowl career as a Cabal Vision camera operator? In the Squids’ first game with human players, a Southstorm player blocked an Oldheim Ogre player into the crowd, destroying Sara’s camera! The resulting brutality unleashed by the young woman gained the attention of Squids’ owner Brixton Murmader. Von Squid’s ferociousness took over, and she was soon wearing that Ogre’s smile as a necklace! Murmader signed her to her first NAF contract on the spot. Just a few years later, Sara is the Squids’ best player, leading casualty inflictor, and spirit squad coordinator.

🦑 Ordo Bowl II: Southstorm Slaughter at the OFCC 8/25-8/26 2018 🦑


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Did you know...?
...that when the Southstorm Squids fans want to change the run of play, they perform ‘the wave’? Not the same synchronized wave made famous by Lustrian fans at the Würld Cup 2486, the Squids wave actually affects the pitch! That’s right, as the thousands of fans hop and jump in unison, the Southstorm Schooner Stadium starts to rock, giving the Squids an unusual advantage. In the 2508 playoff semifinal versus the World’s Edge Wanderers, the combined force of the wave caused the Southstorm harbor to flood the Schooner’s deck with two meters of water! The result was terror for the Dwarfs, as their many secret weapons were ruined by the saltwater attack, and several of their players were washed into the sea.

🦑 Ordo Bowl II: Southstorm Slaughter at the OFCC 8/25-8/26 2018 🦑


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Did you know...?
...that the Squids were fined by the NAF 10,000 gold pieces and had to forfeit a game versus the Orcland Raiders for an illegal play? Back when the Southstorm pitch was submerged, the Squids were struggling to find league success. Prior to the game versus Orcland, the Squids' coach Jun Grouperden devised a play so sneaky, even a Goblin team would be impressed. Down by one with little time remaining, Squids' linefish Gil Barnacleface placed the ball in a spiky blowfish, who then began swimming to the end zone. As Raiders' players approached, the blowfish would expand, impaling Orc after Orc before finally crossing the line for a touchdown. However, the NAF quickly punished the Squids...why? Twelfth player? Secret weapon(s)? Nope, the NAF and Orcland took exception to the blowfish's age! NAF rules at the time stated a minimum player age of five years old, and the blowfish was only spawned weeks earlier. Nevertheless, the Squids' infamous Blow Bowl play has gone down in history.

🦑 Ordo Bowl II: Southstorm Slaughter at the OFCC 8/25-8/26 2018 🦑


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