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Practice for ENFILADE - SAT APR 14

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We have a request for at least one practice game for ENFILADE, for SAT, APR 14.

I made a reservation for 2 tables at GG, for 12-5 PM.

If no one shows by 1 PM, I will return the tables to be used by other games.

I will bring some "sparring partner" armies if u need to match your list against an aopponent force you have not played, or if you want to borrow some models and cards to experiment.

Reservation appears on the   Guardian Games' calendar .


There is a small error in the posting: "74 points, mid-war, North Africa" should read "71 points..."

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This is still on, Saturday, APR 14, 12-5 PM at Guardian Games, in the Critical Sip.

Announcement has type, should be 71 points, Mid-War version 4

If no one shows up by 1 pm, then I will leave and return the tables for other games.

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