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Infinity Tournament 4-14 Rules and Missions

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Alright everyone, here's the skinny!

Tournament Date: 4-14-18

Time: 2:30pm until close(ish)

Organization: There will be three rounds, two hours each, with a 15 min break in between each round. we will START the first around at two thirty, do not be late.

Buy in: A box of miniatures (not a blister)

Prizes: Gift Certificates- First place ($30), Second Place ($20), Last Place ($10)


There will be ten folks attending, and five different tables. IF there are an odd number of players, someone will get a bye. Each round, you will play on a different table (if possible) and a bracket will be used to pair up opponents.

You will bring two different lists, with accompanying information (courtesy lists, etc), and will choose between them for each round. These lists must be from the same parent faction, but can be any sectorials.



Show of Force
Power Pack
The Grid
Highly Classified

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