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SP '18 - Brotherhood of Traveling Steel

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Ill probably be starting a couple gangs, to foster some variety, test out rules and based on whatever I’ve been working on painting/modeling lately, but here’s my first gang posting.   I’ll try and edit it up in a day or two. Feel fee to call me out if I fail on that  


*insert some fluff here*


gang cards -

all the orlocks ones plus a few randoes that’s need to pick still. 



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our first game vs some lovely Esher gangers went real poorly.  Basically should have run after the first turn. Two champions and a ganger in recovery, with stat breaks (2 movement and one toughness) but it’s all about the journey.  Hopefully we can do a shoot out to clear up some injuries with minimal risk and plot some revenge.   Also hopefully I’ll do a better looking battle report next time. 

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