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Harlequin Formations

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4 hours ago, Prophecy said:

I got 8 minutes into the review and was so bored I had to click away. 55 minutes of that is a bit much.

Not for everyone I guess.  

I’ve got an old school attention span.

In the last 5’ish minutes he goes over some unit/form/relic/power combos that sound naughty.

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7 minutes ago, Psilence said:

Started some work.  I’m excited to play something other than power armor.

We got one game in with the index list a while back.  They were amazeballz fast and hit like a truck, but esplode if you look at them sternly.

Pretty fun.

That's what I love about Eldar & the Harlequins... such a beautiful orchestra that one mistake sends them in shambles...
And learning how to play without pieces, expected or unexpected, and keeping that orchestra playing, is amazeballs

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