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Beating a dead horse, Ordo folks playing Malifaux.

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Sad I can pull more of you guys into this fantastic and competitive scene.

I just filled out my Henchman paperwork for Portland Game Store and hope to be approved by next week. We will be running tournaments or other events monthly/bi-monthly. The community is steadily growing here but I always like to see new people joining the game and getting prepped for competitive play. I'd be happy to provide models for any demo games and am typically available at The Portland Game store on Tuesday nights for Malifaux.

Also have a tentatively planned tournament for July 14th. I will confirm once that one is set in stone with PGS, something to consider. Also a lot of tournaments happening up north in Lakewood/Tacoma/Bellevue if people are interested in short road trips. 

Anyway, just thought I'd mention it. Thank you.




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