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Flames of War Mega Battle Steel Dust and Destruction

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Flames of War Mega Battle – Steel, Dust and Destruction
WHAT: Flames of War v.4 miniatures rules from Battlefront
WHEN: Saturday, July 28, 12-6 PM
WHERE: Guardian Games, Portland Oregon, upstairs, in the Level Up Home Screen (top of the stairs)
WHO: Flames of War commanders with mostly their own forces*.
WHY: To push plastic and roll dice.

Fee: $20.00 - paid to GG Store staff at front counter, on SAT, July 28, before 12 PM

Prizes: Top 2 players from each team have choice of prize support in order of points scored. All other participants receive a $20.00 gift certificate to Guardian Games.

Sign up: post in this forum or email to grognard_fow@yahoo.com

Battles on several tables. This is a TEAM Event: Axis vs. Allies.

NOTE on MISSION OBJECTIVES: Objectives are placed by the tournament organizer in the middle of the table, equidistant from each deployment zone. This is so that each player has an equal chance of reaching the objective.

It’s 1943 and the American forces are advancing into Tunisia. Rommel is battling Monty, and Patton has taken command of the US II Corps. Join us for a battle of tabletop miniatures in the desert. Tanks, guns, planes and infantry fight it out in the sands of North Africa.
As a US Commander, can you restore the honor of the battered Joe's? As a British Desert Rat, can you out-smart the Desert Fox?  As one of Rommel's lieutenants, can you send the allies packing? This is a team event for up to 12 Flames of War players. If you are relatively new, we have coaches and loaner armies. There will be prizes.

Sign up by replying/commenting below.

Lists are 85 points and are drawn from the v4 North Africa Books and also Themed Formations (e.g. 90th Light Africa Division): Fighting First, Avanti, Armoured Fist and Afrika Korps.

* We have two armies to loan to players: 1 German and 1 British.

Setup: 12-1 PM. Gamers bringing terrain should arrive before noon to setup.
Commander’s Briefing: 1 PM
Dice drop: Shortly after 1 PM
4 hours of battle : One round
Battles end: 5 PM.
Put away terrain and models, prizes awarded: 5-6 PM

GM: Souldier3 - contact via personal message at www.ordofanticus.com

Roster total to-date: 11 or 12? (updated 7/23)

Commanders, ALLIES, Team Captain = NelsonG/phyfor88
Name/Avatar, Nation, Force, bringing own force or borrow loaner army (British Armoured Squadron)
A. SteveZ/ZEKE, US, Stuart Light Tank Company
B. Chris/Wolf Pack 6, US, Medium tank company
C. BenP/Bpoli7, US, TBD
D. UI person from WA, US, TBD ?
E. NelsonG/phyfor88, UK, British Inf formation and Light tank formation

Commanders, AXIS, Team Captain = Kaptain Obvious/AlexD
Name/Avatar, Nation, Force, bringing own force or borrow loaner army (German Panzer Company)
1.  ?/Danimal, German/Italian, TBD
2.  AnthonyB/?, German, TBD
3.  ZachB/Zach, Italian, TBD
4.  English Breakfast, German, TBD
5.  Kaptain Obvious/AlexD, German, Afrika Rifle

Switch hitter: can run either Axis or Allied:
1) lazarus
2) barca



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Barca and I are playtesting for this event in the 9th, this Sat. Down in Salem at Wild things games starting at 12:00.

We could use another two playtesters if anyone can come down and help. 71pt lists for testing.

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Hi, I will be there for the event. Playing for axis. I will be bringing my own army, not sure yet if germans or Italians or both.  I vote for 85 points, 71 points seemed a bit sparse at enfilade.  

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Attached is the Multi table mission PDF that explains how the event will connect several tables under one mission.

Please download and read prior to the event.

The quick and dirty versions is that two tables will be pushed together to create one large battle zone. The outside tables are standard 6x4 size tables but are connected to the central tables and adjacent tables by entry/exit zones at one table edge.

Each table's objectives are worth points for your team and can be scored every turn if you control the objective on your turn and it is uncontested.

You can send units to other tables via the entry/exit zones and they will help your team and be under the command of your team member at that table.

Multi-Table Mission.pdf

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We will put you down as being able to play axis team or allied team. 

Now that we have at least 4 players this event will go forward. If we have only four we will play the central double table. Ad more players confirm we will expand to more tables until we hit the max 12 players. 

Anyone planning on attending it is a good idea to post your intentions on this page or to email barca at grognard_fow@yahoo.com.

People who confirm before hand and sign up will be guaranteed a spot. Those who just show up the day of will go on a waiting list and get a spot after people who have signed up before hand.

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14 hours ago, Wolf pack 6 said:

I'm planning on attending. I'll be bringing a US medium tank company. 

Chris/Wolf Pack 6, US, Medium tank company

Added you to the roster. now we have 7 out of 12

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