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Fanaticus Founders Cup 2018

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Ordo Blood Bowl players! This August sees the return of the OBBL Fanaticus Founders Cup! The FFC is our annual league team, single elimination tournament. The FFC is NOT a one or two day resurrection-style tournament like Ordo Bowl, it is a single elimination cup tournament open to ANY OrdoBowl.com league team that has participated in a Persistent League season (except for The Human league). 

Games are not played on a single day, instead, you schedule games with your opponent like you would a league game. All injuries and SPP’s count like they do in a league game, it just happens this is a cup competition, not a league game; get it? Think of the FFC like the OBBL’s World Cup.

The buy in is $10 per player, with spots available to the first eight players. If there is enough interest, we will open the field to sixteen teams, but I think eight is more likely.

Who’s name will adorn the trophy for 2018? Sign up and win it all! http://www.ordofanaticus.com/store/category/5-event-tickets/#




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Games can start 8/12, and all games can be played ASAP; meaning, we are not playing one game per week. Heck, if people were motivated, all three rounds (remember, the tourney is one and done, so DONT LOSE 😁) could be done in a week!

I’d like to see the games done by mid-September. 

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3 hours ago, Vraeden said:

Are star players allowed in Cup tournaments? (I'm in, just deciding on which team I should bring).

Only in round one, which are the quarter-finals. None in the semis and finals, as per DZ2. Remember, these are effectively league games, so stars need to be purchased with petty cash and/or inducements.

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25 minutes ago, Bosco said:

Still have space available? If so, I'll have cash on Tuesday night to buy a ticket/spot (assuming that's an option).

Yes we do, and yes you can! Please PM me that the deed is complete and I’ll add you.

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