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AOS During the Week

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On 7/6/2018 at 10:18 PM, Norrad said:

So now that AOS 2 has been released who is playing what and where?  Any local game stores doing stuff during the week?

The Warhammer Store in Hillsboro has an escalation league.


Warhammer store hillsboro Escalation league for AoS is:

This is the beginning of the first round of our next Escalation League for Warhammer Age of Sigmar!

An Escalation League is a great way for either a new or veteran hobbyist to start a new army. The purpose is to provide motivation for getting your models painted and onto the battlefield! Each round you commit to building and painting a new unit for your army. Then during each round you will play up to two games against League members using an assigned battleplan. Your total Victory Points earned in games will be tracked throughout the course of the League and the leader crowned Best General at the conclusion!

But there’s more! Each round will also have ways to earn additional Victory Points by doing things such as creating themed objective markers or terrain. And at the end of the League we will have an in-store event to celebrate and allow customers to vote for the Best Painted in both New Hobbyist and Veteran Categories!

The four rounds, their requirements, and their start and end dates are as follows:

Round 1 - 7/25 to 8/7 - 1 Hero with 10 or fewer wounds, 1 Battleline unit of no more than 200 points.

Round 2 - 8/8 to 8/21 - Adding 1 Behemoth or Artillery unit of no more than 300 points

Round 3 - 8/22 to 9/4 - Adding 1 unit with any battlefield role, no more than 200 points

Round 4 - 9/4 to 9/18 - Adding 1 unit with any battlefield role, no more than 200 points

We’ll be collecting and sharing some form of contact information when you sign up. That way even if you can’t make it to the weekly League Night you can arrange games with opponents! No reason to miss Victory Points because of scheduling!

Questions? Pop in or post them here! And then start figuring out your army!!



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I suppose the WOW game nights are just as open to AoS as they are anything else. That's tuesdays and sundays, I'm pretty sure.

Also, updated the warhammer store hillsboro's league info.

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We also play on Friday's at Geeks and Games in Oregon City. But you should be able to get a game most days of the week if you post up on their facebook page. We are currently doing an escalation league starting out at 500 and going up to 2500 points.

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