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OBBL 2018 Clausera starts September 22 2018

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15 hours ago, MexicanNinja said:

@ninefinger Thanks for the beat-down tonight.  That was epic!  I thought I was going to be in good shape after turn 5.....nope, the halflings hit the juice and tore me apart.  The highlight, for me anyway, was when my Slayer went in for the block on your treeman and rolled a skull and then died.  That was too funny.  Great game though!



i couldn’t stop breaking dwarf armour once the game turned around.  Cap it off with the 6,6 on my kick halfling?  That’s a game for the record books 

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19 minutes ago, Burk said:

@Bosco   will you be ready for our game on Tuesday?  would like to play as early as possible as I have another commitment in the evening.

I'm still waiting to play my round 4 out of division game against @peter.cosgrove before I can play our round 5 game. He might still have his round 3 against Scott's humans as well. Send unlikely to line up for Tuesday...


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