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OBBL 2018 Clausera starts September 22 2018

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Hello, local coaches! Get ready for the next installment of the Ordo Blood Bowl League. Rounds one and two begin 9/22/2018. Please post here or contact Weav via PM or Facebook Messenger for more information. Rules can be found at OrdoBowl.com, be sure to note changes like the inclusion of the new inducements from Death Zone Season Two, Spike! issues one, two and three, the change to using CRP rules for Piling On, no redrafting and the change of the CRP Wizard to match the Chaos Sorcerer and Druchii Sports Sorceress, and more. 


OBBL 2018 Premiership Clausera Schedule

Averland Division (One)

Middenland Division (Two)

Ostland Division (Three)

The Moot Division (Four)

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Please indicate your status for the 2018 OBBL Clausera in this thread. League go start mid-Sep, eight games, POSSIBLE Saturday kick off to play first two/three games.

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2 hours ago, MexicanNinja said:

Do all models need to be painted for the first game?  I dont want to rush my team like I did for sevens. 

 No. We do require fully painted, but it technically isn’t enforce. We usually give a free MVP after round four for teams that meet the minimum standard. 

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11 hours ago, jollyork said:

@savion47 The price is correct, thank you. But the Blitzer Normal skill access is GP and should be GAP.  

Well, I will tell you that the file is very old and was put into OBBLM way before the official NAF one came out. If you see errors like this please let me know and I can update the file. I am to lazy to double check everything, so you need to tell me if something is wrong.

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