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Koyote in Mordheim

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It's time for my Kislevites to add a bear to their warband.

The model is an OOP bear, made by Red Box Games.  The original sculpt's claws are either obscured by its fur or missing altogether, so I made my own.  The GS claws on the mini's right paw look shorter than the others, but that's because they are curled under a bit too much and none of the camera angles fully captured them.

The dense terrain of a Mordheim table can make it difficult to properly place models on large bases, so I took advantage of bear's upright pose and mounted it on 25mm square.





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In addition to my other umpteen-zillion hobby projects, I really want to create a dwarf warband for a skirmish game.  If not for Mordheim, then for Frostgrave, or possibly Rangers of Shadows Deep.  Regardless of the game system, I want it to include a human wizard and a halfling thief.  Yes.  I know.  Very unoriginal.  But the heart wants what the heart wants. 🙂

The halfling is Stonehave Miniatures' Halfling Apprentice.  The wizard was made from the GW Battlemage kit.  I shamelessly stole the idea for the conversion from someone else on the interwebs.  The pipes come from the old GW Dwarf Thunderers/Quarellers kit.


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You might want to check out the Oathmark Dwarves, thirty plastic minis for £25 GBP is a heckuva deal. They’re also a lot less “cartoonish” than the typical Warhammer Dwarfs from Citadel Miniatures and not nearly as expensive as their LotR sets.

(I’d love to get a Frostgrave game going here in Portland... But just don’t have the free time to organize anything.)

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Poor brave Natasha died during my last game.  She was torn apart by Witch Hunters' hounds.  

To make maters worse, three of my heroes went out-of-action and I rolled abysmally low with my 2 exploration dice, so I ended up with only one treasure (wyrdstone). I didn't have enough gc to pay the upkeep for my my hired swords and hire a new Youth, so I sold my rabbits foot, a lantern, and both of my Streltsis' bows (they never hit anything anyway).  This gave me enough gold to keep both hired swords and hire a new Youth, Gregor.

My replacement Youth is an actual Kislev Youth model from the long OOP Mordheim Kislev warband set.  The Kislev weapon sprue didn't give me what I wanted, so I equipped him with a hammer from the Frostgrave Barbarian plastic set and a mace that I cobbled together from a bit from a GW Bretonnian men-at-arms kit.

The dwarf is another OOP GW model.  I had at one time planned to incorporate the model into my Kislev warband as a hire sword, but I don't think this will happen this time around.  The model has been primered and sitting on my painting table for ages.  I got tired of it starring at me with those tiny, judgmental eyes, so I slapped some paint on the little bugger and moved it to my display case. Now I have room on my painting table for another unpainted model that I can neglect.




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What began as me painting a few models to serve as unusual antagonists for a Mordheim campaign's final game ended up as full blown Carnival of Chaos warband.

You'll never see a brighter or cleaner cult of Nurgle worshipers. 😉

Carnival Master & (counts-as) Nurglings




Plaguebearer & Tainted Ones




WIP Plague Cart


The first Plaguebearer that I painted turned out pretty good.  It is much more in line with what one thinks of when one imagines a daemon of Nurgle, but it just didn't fit in with the rest of the warband.  It's too dark and dirty, so the Carnival Master summoned one a bit less far gone and then sent it to the carnival's make-up artist for a makeover. 🙂


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Consistently blown away by your stuff.

The love for forgotten, flawed and just plain odd models really shows. The highest compliment I can give is when I see one of your painted models and say to myself, "oh, that's a neat sculpt", then I scroll down to the unpainted version and notice you've twisted the arm, built a new lower face, removed a cowboy hat, turned a shield upside-down...etc.

The fact I don't see how much work went into it is what makes em so good. Keep churning that gold out and raising the bar!

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