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Koyote's Mordheim Kislevites

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With the Dark Tower Mordheim campaign tentatively set to begin mid October, it's time for me to get started on my warband.

My plan is to resurrect the Kislev warband that I played (but never painted) back in 2009.  I've updated some of the models and added some new characters, but names and backgrounds (which I will post later), remain essentially the same.

Druzhina (80) dueling pistols (13*) sword (10) = 103 points

Esaul (35) great weapon (15)  = 50 points

Bear Tamer (35) sword (10), hammer (3)= 48 points

Youth #1 (15) hammer (4) = 18 points

Youth #2 (15) mace (3) = 18 points

Cossack #1 (30) sword (10) shield (5) = 45 points

Cossack #2 (30) sword (10) shield (5) = 45 points

Cossack #3 (30) halberd (10) = 40 points

Streltsi #1 (25) great weapon (15) bow (10) = 50 points

Streltsi #2 (25) great weapon (15) bow (10) = 50 points

Kislev Ranger (30)

* 1/2 price ancestral item

Youth, Youth, Druzhina, Esaul, Bear Tamer

The two Youth models are City Militia models from Fireforge Games' Medieval Russian model line with GW arms,bits, and weapons.  The female's head was made by Statuesque Miniatures.

The Druzhina is an Altreich Engineer made by Black Chapel miniatures.

The Esaul is a V&V viking miniature.  I replaced its head with a head from GW's Empire Archer kit.  The axe blade comes from Frostgrave's Barbarian kit.

The Bear Tamer's head, body, and right arm is a metal, GW Kislev horse archer. The rest of the bits are GW.

Cossack, Cossack, Cossack, Streltsi, Streltsi

The 3 Cossacks are all from GW's Mordheim Kislev model line.  The two Streltsi are from GW’s Kislev Kossars box set.

Kislev Ranger


The Kislev Ranger is another GW Mordheim model. As you can see, I strung her bow, replaced her humongous sword with a slightly less humongous axe, and did some extensive GS work to cover up her ridiculous cleavage.


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I've finished my first two Kislevites.  The models come from the OOP GW Kislev Kossars box set.  

These two scoundrels are the Streltsi, Gregor and Ivan.



Gun-Rest is a characterful rule, but IMO something you shouldn't bother with until the Streltsi becomes a hero. Handguns are expensive (35 gc), have only an ok range (24"), are Move or Fire and, worst of all, they must be reloaded after each shot.  If you equip the Streltsi with a halberd, a requirement of the Gun-Rest rule, you've now spent 45 gc on equipment for human henchman who has to remain fairly static during the game and can only fire every other turn.  Even worse, if the model is taken out-of-action, it dies (and loses the expensive equipment) 33% of the time.  

Once a Streltsi becomes a hero, the model becomes more survivable, has access to a higher BS, and best of all, shooting skills (e.g. Hunter) that negate some of the handgun's negatives.  Combined, these factors make the 45 gc investment more worthwhile.

So, while my Streltsi remain henchmen, they have to make due with two handed weapons and bows.

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Here are my first two Kislevite heroes, the Youths, Boris and Natasha.  

A casual observer of these sibling adventurers may posit that Boris is the brawn and Natasha is the brains, but sadly, Natasha is the duo's brains AND brawn.  

It's not that Boris is clumsy or a coward, it's just that the sight of bloodshed makes Boris feel a bit woozy.  As such, Boris can’t help but to close his eyes just before each swing of his massive spiked mace, making him an ineffective fighter, and on occasion, a danger to the other members of his warband.

Natasha, on the other hand, is a stone cold killer who compensates for her lack of expertise with hammer and dagger with a penchant for back stabbing and striking at foes when they are down.  



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I've finished my Sylvanian Guide (hired sword) and Kislevite Bear Tamer (hero).

Durt is a miserable soul from a nameless fishing village that borders the Hel Fenn in northern Sylvania.  Durt has never been any further than a half days paddle from the decrepit hovel where he was born and raised, but the gullible Kislevite adventurers who have hired him as a tracker and guide don't know this.  

Oleg and his ursine companion were recruited into the army of Kislev to support a regiment of Kossars. Two summers ago, Oleg's bear died under the red axes of Norse marauders.  A broken man, Oleg turned to drink, and soon found himself discharged from the regiment.  A bear tamer no more, Oleg now earns his pay as the second in command of Kislevite mercenary warband, Captain Yuri's Raiders.



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Some of you old-timers may recognize Oleg, or at least the upper half of Oleg, from the 1990s GW Ungol Horse Archer model line.  Ungols served as Empire auxiliaries from the northern tribes of Kislev.


I replaced the horse archer legs with legs from the Empire Militia sprue.  The model's left arm looked silly on an infantry model, so I clipped it off.  Because the arm was connected to the torso, I had to carve the underlying metal to match the shape of the opposite side of the torso.  Oleg was a fairly labor intensive conversion, but back in 2009, when I created Oleg, Mordheim Kislev mercenary models were very hard to find and very expensive, so I had to make do with what I had on hand.  They're still expensive, but thanks to recasters (who try to pass them off as originals on eBay), there's more of them out there.

Here's how Oleg looked back in 2009.  I have since added a warhammer to his left hand and replaced the twin knives on his belt with a big curved knife from the Kroot sprue




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Two more models completed, my first Cossack (henchman) and an Esaul (hero).

The Cossacks are fierce fighters and unrelenting foes of Chaos, and Yakiv it no exception.  In a fight, Yakiv can always be found in the thick of it, swinging, stabbing, and tripping foes with his ash shafted halberd, Troll Gutter.

The dour Sergeant Ludvig has served alongside Captain Yuri since their days in ill-fated Kossar regiment.  

Many attribute the burly sergeant's preference for the marauder axe to Ludvig's mixed Norse and Kislev heritage.  However, if one were to ask the sergeant, he'd state plainly that uses the massive, bearded axe because he's found no weapon better at killin' people and beasts in need of killin'.  




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