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Raindog's Model Reduction and Slow Sell Off Thread

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Chaps and Chasseurs,

I have been collecting models for 21 years. It is time for me to start selling off my hoard. Not all the hoard mine you,  but will never be able to work on in the next 21 years. I hate shipping. If you can come to the club, I would be a happy man. I am there most Sundays and I will be at the OFCC.


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Next up:

Vampire Counts Battalion Box Containing

Contents: 20 Skeleton Warriors (including Champion, Standard Bearer and Musician), 10 Ghouls (including Champion), 20 Zombies (including Standard Bearer and Musician) and 1 Corpse Cart.  Everything is still on the sprue. 


Plus a Wraith


Plus a vampire count and zombie dragon (i think it has all of it's parts



Old School Black Knights (Green label)


and a small bag of Khemri bits

$90 for the whole lot


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Super Secret Army #1. 

Steel Legion.

I bought this army in secret batches from Bridgetown and slipped them in the house. My wife discovered them years later and called them my "super secret army." Truly, it was one of two. I have Tallarns, as well!

@necrontyr, you may be interested in these.


I have these officers. I think thy they are cool. One is holding an Orc Head. One has a bolt pistol conversion.

They $10 each. $45 brings the lot home. 

Next up:


Extra gunner and ML Launcher guy missing his arm. 

$3 each

Six Painted Steel Legion Guys that I did not paint. $25 for the lot. 


Do you want Missile Launcher Teams? I have 4 sets. $10 each.



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Part 2: Buy the whole lot for $200

Yarrick, $10 

Tank Commisar, $5

Commisar missing arm, $4

Priest missing hand $4 - Sold




What are theses guys? Storm Troopers Kharskins? Veteran Troops? I think they are cool. 

1 Sgt.  3 Troopers. 1 Plasma Gun, 1 Flamer $ 30 for the unit.



Weapon Teams! I have 4 HMG teams, and 4 LasCannon teams (one one LasCannon team is painted)

$10 each. 

Grenade Launchers? I have 2,  $8 each 


Finally,  26 unpainted Steel Legion troopers. $5 each.



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On 8/2/2018 at 2:09 PM, splinx said:

Man how the hell did i miss this thread! If you have anymore Dogs of War stuff i'll take it! 



I have a box of random Kislevs including some Mordhiem ones. I have no pictures of them yet. I also have a ton of Long Drong’s Pirates,  it since they are Dwarfs, I would only unload them for the right price.

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