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Whats your OFCC project?

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We are down to the home stretch, just over 3 weeks away for OFCC!

Much like @Andrewgeddon, I am also trying to complete some last minute painting projects should we need the extra player. The majority of my army is ready, with some movement tray basing still required. The last missing piece is my wizard and two skink standards for my skink death stars (har har).

Still plenty of work to be done! What are you working on?


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Now that my son has decided to play:

1.  Teach him how to play.

2.  Prepare Orcs for him.  I have the awesome Kev Adams old school sculpts and want to get as many of those ready as possible.

3.  Get Saurian Ancients ready for me.  Obviously, I will be trying to use as much as I have finished as possible.


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So since I'm working 11 hour shifts all this week, I've decided to bring what's painted instead of trying to finish these Chosen Knights. BUT, I will be working on these to bring down to California in October for the Infernal Zoo tournament. 

Will these make it into my blog thread that I almost never update and that changes armies all the time? TUNE IN NEXT WEEK TRUE BELIEVERS!

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