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Gone are the days of group orders...

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Forge World – Better Service, Faster Shipping


The team at Forge World make some truly amazing models – from gargantuan monsters and renowned heroes right up to the towering god-machines of the Titan Legions. Until now, though, getting ahold of these miniatures outside of the UK has not always been easy. While the Forge World website has long provided a wide selection of models to choose from – payment options have been limited, and the only currency anything could be paid for in was British Pounds. Added to that, shipping times, especially in North America, were often pretty long – and we understand that that can be frustrating when you’re eager to add that game-winning unit or centrepiece kit to your collection as soon as possible.

Well, good news – this is set to change – with two big improvements coming to Forge World later this August:

Better Payment Options and Faster Shipping.


You’ll soon be able to pay in your local currency, rather than having to use British Pounds.

This is great news for anyone outside the UK, as it means you’ll be able to see far more easily what each item costs without having to run anything through a currency converter. And you won’t get hit with any surprise conversion fees that many banks will charge for shopping abroad. This also means that prices will be consistent instead of fluctuating with exchange rates – so that Primarch will cost you the same one day as the next.


In addition, we’ll be expanding our payment options.

Alongside the existing PayPal, credit and debit card payments – you’ll find new options for Discover in the US and American Express for US and Canadian shoppers, and a new ELV payment choice for customers in Germany and Austria, meaning that you have more options than ever on how to check out.

And we have even bigger news for Forge World fans in the USA and Canada.


As part of these service updates, we’ve been busy expanding our Forge World warehouse facility to the USA – Operation: Sector Munitorum Memphis. Soon, all Forge World orders to the US or Canada will ship out from our warehouse in Memphis, Tennessee.

What this means for you is that we can fulfil your orders much, much faster than ever before. Instead of waiting weeks for transportation of your titanic transatlantic treats – you can expect your order in a matter of days! Decide you need a new unit in your army following a game at your weekly Age of Darkness gaming night? Order it up, and you could have it in your army by the following week!*


With the expansion of our warehouses, we’ve also taken the opportunity to make improvements to all our shipping processes. So wherever you are in the world, your Forge World orders will soon be shipping out to you faster than ever – with many orders on their way to you within a matter of hours!


All of these updates will be happening later this month.

Keep an eye on the Forge World Facebook page and sign up the newsletter to be the first to know when the changes come into effect.

In the meantime, the website will still be fully functional as we prepare for these changes to come into effect.

*Admittedly, you’ll have to paint it pretty fast when it arrives…

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This might well be part of what was behind trimming down the FW product line. I could see them wanting to simplify that if they've got multiple locations to keep stocked.

Also, I have to say, I haven't noticed that much difference in the free shipping speeds between stuff coming from Nottingham and stuff coming from Memphis. Mostly that seems to have to do with FedEx "Smart"Post doing things like getting my package up to Tacoma before sending it back down to the Oregon facility it just came from, and then back up to me, while stuff from FW just went plain USPS once it made it in country.

It will be nice to have a lower minimum to get free shipping, tho. This makes those Necromunda weapon packs way more viable as options.

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2 minutes ago, Psilence said:

Well this is pretty exciting.  They covered most of the reasons I don’t have a larger FW representation.


I guess I’ll start selling plasma (the blood kind) so I can add to my collections 😉

Blood for the Resin God!

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