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Cthulu and Wings-of-Glory Halloween event

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Cthulu and Wings-of-Glory Halloween Event
Cry of Babbi Kutulu - A Vision of Undaunted Bravery and Horror
As the pilots of the victorious Alliance and the defeated Central Powers awoke to the dawn of Monday, November 12th, 1918, the day after Armistice Day of the Great War, a collective sigh of relief washed over them.

      The “War to End All Wars” was finally over.

But as the Knights of the Air stood down and gathered to toast their fallen comrades, urgent telegraphs were read aloud in their aerodrome briefing rooms. They revealed a new threat. A gigantic flying horror was sighted above the North Sea.  As large as a Zeppelin, but more destructive and terrifying, this monstrosity must be defeated at once!  The initial reactions by the leaders of nations was that this should only be a local problem for the British Empire.  However, wise men made it quite clear to the leaders of the Alliance and the former Central Powers that this crisis threatened the entire human race.

The Cult of Cthulu is attempting to summon ancient metaphysical beings of immense power, whose intentions are to enslave mankind and mutate our physical world. The only way to stop them is to “destroy” Babbi Kutulu and the cultists who are assisting it. Brave pilots from all nations are needed immediately to meet and destroy this threat to civilization, and indeed, to save all of mankind.

WHAT: Cthulu and Wings-of-Glory Halloween Event
WHEN: Saturday, October 27th, 2018, 12-5 PM
WHERE: Guardian Games General gaming Area.
WHY: To save mankind and the earth from Babbi Kutulu and the cultists of the "Great Old Ones."
WHO: Novice pilots: new to Wings of Glory, and Veteran Pilots: recruited from the Portland Couch Pilots
HOW: Join us to fly miniature World War 1 Airplanes on the table top. http://www.aresgames.eu/games/ww1-wings-of-glory-line


More details will be posted here (this thread) as we flesh out the scenario.

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