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So this is a thing....

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4 hours ago, paxmiles said:

An army? Space Marines are always front and center on the website, and on all their 40k promotions. Space Marines are the icons of 40k. I've even heard that the other factions were created to give them something to fight...

Regarding gender by army, Space Marines represent close to half half of the army options, be it SM, SW, BA, DA, GK, DW, CSM, TS, or DG. 

Regarding sisters of battle, that is the last army you want GW using to represent female interests. Ever read into the sister's "Red Rage" fluff? Or how about that the SoBs are all physically weaker than their "male" sm counter parts. And that Sisters need fight in a segregated force because the imperium is that much not okay with gender equality... The entire sisters of battle is a negative female sterotype (and really cool models). Sisters fluff is something GW, also, needs to really fix.

Pax not going to continue this argument bud.  No point, we are on opposite sides on this one.  That’s ok, everyone doesn’t have to agree with everyone.  Like I said to other guys I respect your opinion, I just don’t share it.


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12 hours ago, Ish said:

Well, we probably shouldn’t include Necrons (no external sex or gender characteristics), Tyranids (no sex or gender at all*), Orks (asexual fungus), and Knights (can’t see into the cockpit) from the list when counting armies for comparison purposes.

But bringing back Sisters of Battle and giving 1:5 or 1:4 female:male heads for the basic Guardsmen squads should really help out.

I don’t want to see 1:1 gender parity, I’d just like to see more options. More options is better options!


* Although the names for most units introduced prior to third edition are based on archaic and/or obscure insulting terms for b——hy women: hadrian, termagant, dominatrix, harpy, etc.

Necrons actually do have at least one female character, in the FW Maynarkh Dynasty. But no Model for her.

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2 hours ago, Ish said:

There’s no way to distinguish a male Necron from a female one. They’re robotic skeletons.

Again, it's more a fluff thing. It's one thing to have gendered models, it's another to stifle creativity by telling people that the fluff has no room for a specific gender to be represented by the model line.

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