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Non-BB player has a question

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Game mechanics-wise, there are certain bonuses you can buy for your team that enchance die rolls, let you re-roll certain tests, or grant other bonuses. These all have names related to various “off field” sporting positions: Cheerleaders, Coaches,  Medics, and so forth. You don’t need to have models for them, it’s essentially just something you’d need to note on your roster.

Hobby-wise, some people just really enjoy painting and collecting models and/or think the game’s more fun when your “wizard fan who sometimes casts fireballs at the enemy team” is represented by a model that looks like Dumbledore with a big foam finger that says “We Are #1!” on.

Business-wise, it’s another half dozen figures they might entice you to buy, plenty of people do buy them, and the manufacturing cost is pretty low... So why not sell ‘em?

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